Private studio
Oldest view in Gouda

The tattooshop is located in the centre of Gouda on the third floor of a monumental house. The view from the studio is breathtaking. You can see the full side of the famous Sint Jan’s church and the museum garden.

Because the studio is private, you can’t enter it without an appointment. That means we’ll never be disturbed during our dotwork-sessions and this results into a very personal session. I find this very important.

Dotwork tattoo’s
A little basic info

Paranoir Ink is specialised in dotwork tattoo’s. Every tattoo is made up out of thousands of small dots. Dotwork is less traumatising and painful for the skin than a ‘normal’ tattoo. Because your skin doesn’t get so stressed out, the tattoo will also heal a lot faster.

Custom designs
Especially made for you

Every dotwork tattoo by Paranoir is custom made and will only be tattooed once. This way you know that you’ll never see the same tattoo on somebody else.

What does it cost?
  • Hourly rate and sometimes fixed prices.
  • Minimal deposit per session: € 25,-.
  • Cash or Pin (Pin is 3% extra).
Nothing special
  • No alcohol, drugs or smoking.
  • Don’t bring other people.
  • Do not be an ass or poser.
  • Only 18+ clients.