Mini mandala’s september 2017

It's been a while since I've made a sheet with cheap mini mandala's, but here's a new one for you guys! Every design will be tattooed only once (unless it's a shared sister/mother/etc tattoo). They are all around 6 cm wide and can go for a fixed price of € 100,- each. If you want… Read More

Friday the 13th Flashsheet

Friday the 13th is coming up, so here’s a flashsheet filled with small mandala’s. They are around 5/5,5cm wide and must go for €80,-. As usual I’ll tattoo these designs only once (except if you want to share it with your best friend or whatever). If you want one of these, contact me with the number…

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30% Discount on every sternum-tattoo

This whole month (July) you’ll be able to get a 30% discount on every sternum-tattoo.  So basicly if you want a proper sizes sternum tattoo that can be done in a full day appointment it’ll only cost you €280,-. Now how’s that for a bargain? Feel free to contact me to book in.

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